Evergreen Synthetics

Evergreen Synthetics

Many artists' have tested the new Evergreen range for us and have reported back "they are fantastic". The Evergreen range is composed of 100% synthetic fibres which give the brushes spring and snap. The Evergreen brushes make precise brush marks, with the short flats giving a sharp edge and the pointed rounds keeping a tight point.

The brushes are easy to clean, very durable and are designed to work with Oils or Acrylics. They are also mounted on balanced handles to compliment the "feel" of the brushes.

"Painting with Rosemary Evergreens feels the way I imagine the perfect set of tyres feels to a race car driver. Responsive, trustworthy and crucial - one's entire performance depends on their responsiveness and dependability. Their incredible edge, excellent paint-load capabilities, perfect snap and impressive durability combine to make my dream brush." - Charlie Hunter, 2015. www.hunter-studio.com.

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