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Michael Harding began making oil colours in 1982, his desire to reproduce the intensity of colour that artists would have worked with prior to the start of mass production in the 1840s. Since then, he has built up a range of 69 colours, some contemporary and some historical, based on research into the Old Masters and consultation with current artists. Handmade and matched by eye rather than machine, they are wholly unique, varying to the smallest degree between batches, and David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin, Chris Ofili and many more have waxed lyrical about their virtues. He uses only the finest of the finest pigments, including genuine Afghan lapis lazuli and real Chinese Vermilion, grinds in refined cold-pressed linseed oil (or occasionally safflower oil) to ensure the highest degree of permanence. He also refuses to use fillers, extenders and driers. Michael Harding Oil Paints bring you the rich history of this highest of art forms in a tube, proof positive of the central importance of materials. Responding to demand, he recently began to make a range of special mediums and varnishes to complement his colours.



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